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urban aztec, Grace Garrett, custom upholstery, commercial fabrics, wall covering, acoustics, homewares, home decor,

Wall Coverings

For the Contract +
Interior Design Market 

- In collaboration with Materialised -

Select from our extensive selection of fabric bases
and design options to personalise your upcoming commercial or residential projects.

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Cushions + Upholstery

three birds renovations urban aztec, Grace Garrett, custom upholstery, commercial fabrics, wall covering, acoustics, homeware

Colour School testimonials

“I have Grace Garrett to thank for teaching me everything I know about
‘Colour Theory’. She’s an absolute expert when it comes to colour.
Grace is the person I would go to for an advanced understanding of the world of colour, and all the beautiful nuances that come with it.”

Three Birds Renovations

"I am a textile designer and I took this course to help make choosing colours for my designs easier.
I feel I will use the information learned for years to come.

Thank you Grace for providing such a valuable course, that I can see myself coming back to in the future to draw from it again and again. It has helped me gain knowledge for my work and also my own home and spaces.

I loved the painting activities and also the image matching. These gave a better understanding of the lesson and also made you look differently at colour everywhere.

I also enjoyed receiving all the equipment needed in my start up pack, as I wasn't having to source materials."


textile designer

"The content was fantastic!!   I wasn't sure how much I would get out of the course as I have a photography background & being in the upholstery industry I already felt like I knew about colour and when it comes to the theory side of colour. 

However this course goes beyond the theory and digs into the practical side of colour which I have found to be so valuable.  It truely is about confidence & I feel like I am not afraid of colour now.  Excited to dig deeper into advanced and build on that knowledge now. "



urban aztec, Grace Garrett, custom upholstery, commercial fabrics, wall covering, acoustics, homewares, home decor,

All of our designs are designed and printed in Sydney Australia.

At Grace Garrett, we deeply respect the enduring connection to the land held by the traditional custodians of this magnificent place, from which we draw inspiration. We extend our sincerest acknowledgments to their Elders, both past and present, and to those who are emerging as leaders within their communities. We also acknowledge the perpetual bond that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples maintain with their Country, encompassing the land and sea.

urban aztec, Grace Garrett, custom upholstery, commercial fabrics, wall covering, acoustics, homewares, home decor,
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Step into a coastal garden retreat with this collection, where the lush greenery of palm leaves, the playful presence of magpies, the rich texture of macadamia nuts, and the weathered beauty of sandstone erosion patterns blend seamlessly.


Inspired by the beauty of the Northern Beaches, these designs evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity, perfect for creating a welcoming and soothing atmosphere in hotel and hospitality spaces.


Custom Hand Knotted Rugs

 Crafting Your Vision /  One Rug at a Time 

When it comes to creating a truly exceptional living environment, or as feature pieces in commercial space, our custom rugs are the pinnacle of excellence and a point of difference.

This allows you to seamlessly align the rug design with the rest of the materials and soft furnishings. 
What sets our rugs apart isn't just their exquisite craftsmanship; it's the boundless realm of customisation they offer.

Any size, design or colour combination can be woven, also in a variety of weaves. 

Flat Weave, Hand Tuffted, Hand Knotted. NZ Wool, Silk. 

Different Weaves Custom Colours

Afrique Chevron

Travellers Palm

Pandaunus Palm

Mud Cloth

Collab Three Birds Renovations 

Embarking on a Design Collaboration, journeying from House Five to House 17 with Three Birds Renovations.
Celebrating the joy of creating custom cushions and wallpaper creations. 

-  Showcasing the wonderful chapters of design evolution and collaboration -

This collaboration has been an amazing platform to showcase my diverse range of custom designs.
Over the past decade, we have had a shared commitment to quality, aesthetics, and
the empowerment of women in the design industry.

Colour School Page.png

Colour Mastery Course

Join me at the GG Colour School for an immersive exploration into the world of colour, design, and textiles designed with creatives in mind.

With over two decades of expertise and a passion for sharing knowledge, I will guide you through a transformative colour experience, that will transform the way you see colour and the way you use it to enhance all your creative endeavours. Whether you are from Graphic Design, Interior Design, Styling, Upholstery, Surface Pattern Design, Home Design - this course will have you using colour confidently and effortlessly.

Discover the secrets of colour harmony, master the art of creating captivating colour schemes, and unlock the potential of colour in every aspect of your creative life.


From practical insights to hands-on activities, the colour journey experience will empower you with innovative ideas and the confidence to use colour like
never before.

Get equipped with the skills to transform your spaces and improve your application of colour to all your creative passions.

Let's paint your world with colour, with intention and with confidence! Eroll Today.

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