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Our Australian designed, printed and made textiles and wall coverings.

fabric, cushions, wall coverings acoustics and more.

Curated exclusively for the contract + interior design market.

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In collaboration with Materialised.

Choose from our extensive selection of fabric bases and design options to personalise your upcoming commercial or residential project.

Welcome to a world of design and innovation, where creativity meets craftsmanship, and every space is transformed into a masterpiece.

Our collection boasts a symphony of designs, waiting to be brought to life in your project. Whether it's the elegant flow of drapery, the enduring strength of upholstery, the comfort of bedding, art for the floor or the serenity of acoustics, our creations are more than just materials; they are a testament to your vision.
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At Grace Garrett, we believe that the right cushions can transform your living spaces and enrich your daily life. Discover the difference that our Australian-made cushions can make in your home today.

Browse our website to explore our stunning collection and find the perfect cushions to add a touch of luxury and personality to your living room, bedroom, backyard, and terrace. Elevate your living spaces with Grace Garrett cushions – where comfort meets creativity.

beach bag set

Perfect X-large beach bag / shopper. Select your design 

Designs, Printed and Made in Sydney Australia. Custom Made To Order

Beach towels

Bush Track Round Beach Towel - LIMITED EDITION - New Grace Garrett Beach Collection. Luxury large 1.5m velour round towel.


Custom Made To Order.

Designs, Printed and Made in Sydney Australia.

Create your own unique space.

BEACH / outdoor

Artistry in Threads -  Hand-Knotted in Nepal - Crafting Your Vision, One Rug at a Time-

Elevate Your Space with Unmatched Sophistication and Style


When it comes to creating a truly exceptional living environment, our custom rugs are the pinnacle of excellence. What sets our rugs apart isn't just their exquisite craftsmanship; it's the boundless realm of customization they offer.

Picture this: the ability to transform your vision into a tangible masterpiece.

With our custom rugs, you wield the power to choose the size, shape, and colour that seamlessly align with your unique design concept.


Whether your heart yearns for a striking statement piece or a subtle, harmonious addition to your space, we exist to breathe life into your imagination.

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my journey into design

My childhood days, colour emerged as an indomitable force in my life. You see, my mother was a masterful seamstress, crafting garments with exquisite skill. She stitched not only her own wardrobe but mine as well, much to my youthful chagrin. Back then, I yearned to don the same attire as everyone else, a common desire in youth. Funny how as adults, we often strive to stand out in a crowd, isn't it?

My mother's talents didn't stop at clothing; they extended to even my father's work shirts, if you can believe it! This woman's creative prowess knew no bounds. Consequently, our living spaces bore her artistic touch, and our interiors were a testament to her creativity.

Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of fabrics and colours, my fascination with textiles and hues naturally burgeoned. I found myself at her side, observing her at the sewing machine or accompanying her on expeditions to fabric stores. Ah, the nostalgia of flipping through those pattern catalogues!

In those stores, I found myself in the mesmerising spectrum of cotton thread shades and the enchanting arrays of buttons, each hue a wonder for a child's inquisitive eye. And who could forget that delicate tissue paper, pinned meticulously to the fabric, poised for cutting and sewing once we returned home? Those moments, bathed in colours and textures, were the seeds of a lifelong love affair with the artistry of design and the magic of colour.

 We accept

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colour is my passion join me at the gg colour school!

With a serious passion and over two decades of knowledge and practice, along with lecturing in the design industry, I will be taking you on an in-depth journey on colour, design and textiles. Ultimately equipping you with the confidence and tools to use your newfound skills at home, in your work and in everything you do.


You will gain practical knowledge about colour, learn how to assemble a cohesive interior/exterior colour scheme for your own home and explore colour like never before. There will be guided activities that will provide you with innovative ideas and give you the power to use colour in a way you never imagined. 

All of our designs are designed and printed here in Australia.

At Grace Garrett, we deeply respect the enduring connection to the land held by the traditional custodians of this magnificent place, from which we draw inspiration. We extend our sincerest acknowledgments to their Elders, both past and present, and to those who are emerging as leaders within their communities. We also acknowledge the perpetual bond that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples maintain with their Country, encompassing the land and sea.



Wind Swept


Olive Shadow


Comes The Dawn


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