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Step into the realm of unmatched creativity and craftsmanship at, where innovation converges with design excellence.

Our exquisite range of Australian-designed textiles and wall coverings redefines luxury for the
contract and interior design domain.

From sumptuous fabrics to plush cushions, sophisticated wall coverings to acoustic solutions, our curated collections are a culmination of over two decades working with colour, surface design and textiles.

Each timeless design is created to breathe life into your projects, seamlessly blending creativity with functionality.

Explore a symphony of designs awaiting your touch. Picture the graceful drapery cascading elegantly, the resilience of our upholstery, the inviting embrace of bedding, or the artistic flair adorning your floors.

Beyond materials, our creations embody your vision, transforming every space into a masterpiece.

Welcome to a world where your imagination takes center stage, where every element speaks volumes about your unique style and passion for design. Grace Garrett invites you to elevate your spaces with our exceptional collection—where design meets innovation and dreams find their canvas.

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For the Contract + Interior Design Market  - In collaboration with Materialised -

Select from our extensive selection of fabric bases and design options to personalise your upcoming commercial or residential projects.

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Artistry in Threads
Hand-Knotted in Nepal

Crafting Your Vision, One Rug at a Time

Elevate Your Space with Unmatched Sophistication and Style.


When it comes to creating a truly exceptional living environment, or as feature pieces in commercial space, our custom rugs are the pinnacle of excellence and a point of difference. This allows you to seamlessly align the rug design with the rest of the materials and soft furnishings.


What sets our rugs apart isn't just their exquisite craftsmanship; it's the boundless realm of customization they offer. Any size, design or colour combination can be woven, also in a variety of weaves. Flat Weave, Hand Tuffted, Hand Knotted. NZ Wool, Silk. 

Contact us today for your custom rug quote.

mastering colour magic
enroll in the colour school today!

Ready to unleash the power of colour in your

design journey?

Join me at the Colour School for an immersive exploration into the world of colour, design, and textiles.


With over two decades of expertise and a passion for sharing knowledge, I'll guide you through a
transformative experience.

Discover the secrets of colour harmony, master the art of creating captivating colour schemes, and unlock the potential of colour in every aspect of your life. From practical insights to hands-on activities, the journey will empower you with innovative ideas and the confidence to use colour like never before.

Get equipped with the skills to elevate your spaces and improve your application of colour to all your creative passions.

Let's paint your world with colour, creativity
and confidence! 


Click below and embark on this colourful
adventure at the Colour School.

Three Birds Renovations x grace garrett

Embarking on a Design Collaboration - Journeying from House Five to House 17 with Three Birds Renovations. Celebrating the Joy of Crafting Custom Cushion and Wallpaper Creations. 

Each Stitch, a Tale in Their Home Transformation Story.


Click here to shop each House  
-  Showcasing the Wonderful Chapters of Design Evolution and Collaboration -

Image by Maite Oñate

my journey into design

In my childhood, colour emerged as an indomitable force in my life. You see, my mother was a masterful seamstress, crafting garments with exquisite skill. She stitched not only her wardrobe but mine as well, much to my youthful dismay.
Back then, I yearned to wear the same as everyone else.
Funny how as adults, we often strive to stand out in a crowd, isn't it?

My mother's talents didn't stop at clothing; they extended to even my father's work shirts if you can believe it! This woman's creative prowess knew no bounds. Consequently, our living spaces bore her artistic touch, and our interiors were a testament to her creativity.

Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of fabrics and colours, my fascination with textiles and hues naturally burgeoned. I found myself at her side, observing her at the sewing machine or accompanying her on expeditions to fabric stores.
Ah, the nostalgia of flipping through those pattern catalogues!

In those stores, I found myself in the mesmerising spectrum of cotton thread shades and the enchanting arrays of buttons, each hue a wonder for a child's inquisitive eye. And who could forget that delicate tissue paper, pinned meticulously to the fabric, poised for cutting and sewing once we returned home?


Those moments, bathed in colours and textures, were the seeds of a lifelong love affair with the artistry of design and the magic of colour. Thank you, Mum x

All of our designs are designed and printed here in Australia.

At Grace Garrett, we deeply respect the enduring connection to the land held by the traditional custodians of this magnificent place, from which we draw inspiration. We extend our sincerest acknowledgments to their Elders, both past and present, and to those who are emerging as leaders within their communities. We also acknowledge the perpetual bond that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples maintain with their Country, encompassing the land and sea.

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