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Rawson Stripe
Upholstered Wavy Seating
Printed on Bruge Basecloth

Mallorca Stripe
Custom Bench Seating and X Long Cushions
Printed on Palermo Velvet

Rawson Stripe
Custom Curved Outdoor Daybed.
Printed on Zircon Zem Waterproof Upholstery

Custom Upholstery

Are you in need of upholstery services for your furniture or home décor? Look no further! We offer custom upholstery quotes using a wide selection of fabric designs to choose from. Whether you're looking to revamp your favourite chair or custom banquet seating, our team is here to assist you in finding the perfect fabric for your project. Contact us today to get started on your custom upholstery quote and let us help you bring your upholstery vision to life. 

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