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We custom print and make  all your textiles, wallpaper and cushion orders
SO not only providing a unique service but also minimising our eco-footprint.

We specialise in working with Designers, Architects & stylists. 

Offering our designs on a wide range of commercial and residential base fabrics
along with wallcoverings to suit a variety of applications, that include healthcare, hospitality and many more...

DO YOU LOVE COLOUR  - but play it safe when choosing colours for paint, textiles, and other furnishings for your home, office or holiday retreat?

We are now super excited to be launching our first of a number of online courses.


The first  - an introduction to colour, design and composition.


I'm Grace Garrett,  and I am here to teach you everything I have learnt about colour over the past 2 decades. push you out of your comfort zone and learn the science behind colour so you can feel more confident in stepping outside of the beige zone.


I've been working with major paint companies, prestigious interior designers, architects and featured in all the top home + lifestyle magazines. 
Having taught colour and design at Sydney Design school for close to a decade, whilst working in the industry has been incredibly rewarding.


As you can imagine, I have an immense amount of hands-on industry experience and knowledge that I am excited to share with you.


In the first course, I will be teaching you the basic principles of colour - design- composition and of course …..the colour wheel. It's an exciting hands-on course that will have you inspired by colour in a whole new way.

SIGN UP TODAY for an engaging, exciting
learning experience. CLICK ABOVE TO ENROL today and start your colour journey.

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For more information on the Colour School, we will email you the link with further information.

Due to COVID - we have had to delay the launch. Please register your interest and we will notify you when we are ready to go live.