From the NEW Blurred Lines Collection - LIMITED EDITION - Loved by The Three Birds

Luxury large 1.5m velour round towel.

Super Light wieght, quick dry, and better still the sand wont stick to this soft velour, 



This collection has been inspired by the wonderful global and eclectic mix of pattern colour and design referencing many cultures. These are trends we are now seeing  - 

not just in fashion but interior decoration as well.


A bohemian trend that has swept us up in a variety of forms - ever present Embracing old artisan techniques in rug weaving, vintage ceramics and the I've drawn inspiration from this, to create the Blurred Lines Collection.


Interpreting traditional patterns updated in a dramatic and 
modern way, abundant with texture in a trend that blurs the lines between local and global.


Bonnies House 8 Beach Towel

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