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Terms and condition

These are the Terms of Sale governing the supply of fabrics and / or wallpapers from Grace Garrett 

Care and Cleaning 

Our fabrics are durable, colourfast and easy to care for. We recommend the following cleaning guidelines: 
1.1   Vacuum regularly, using an upholstery brush attachment to remove accumulated grit and dust. 

1.2   Gently blot liquid spills with a clean sponge or cloth as soon as possible. Be careful not to push liquid further into the fabric. Vacuum away dry solids. 

1.3   Dye from apparel fabric that is not colourfast such as denim can rub off onto upholstery, a process called reverse crocking. This type of permanent staining is due to the apparel, not the upholstery fabric. Stain resist treatment on upholstery fabric will not prevent reverse crocking. 

1.4   Some cleaning methods may cause damage to underlying materials. Contact the manufacturer for recommendations before attempting any cleaning procedure. 

1.5   Spot cleaning is recommended for small stains only. For large stains and general soiling, we recommend cleaning the whole cover. 

Spot Cleaning 
2.1   Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Use solvent cleaners sparingly in a well - ventilated area away from sparks and open flames. 

2.2   Test the cleaning agent on a hidden or inconspicuous area first, to check for colourfastness. Work from the outside to the centre of the stain. If the stain is small, dabbing may be sufficient. Too much cleaning agent may spread the stain and damage materials under the fabric. Turn the cloth frequently to avoid re-depositing the stain. After cleaning the fabric should be allowed to dry completely.No heat should be used. Take extra care they can leave water rings or traces of shampoo that can affect the appearance and performance qualities of the fabric. Several of our fabrics(and wallpapers) can be used for healthcare and high-performance hospitality applications. Please contact us for more information.


We stock our print bases in-depth and normally deliver 14-21 days from confirmation of your order. 

4.1   Orders must be emailed to

Please include print - base and delivery instructions(to street addresses only to avoid delays in processing your order. 

4.2   Our minimum order is 1.0 linear metre or yard, with 0.1 meter or yard increments. 

4.3   We recommend you order all your fabric requirements for a project at the same time. For drapery orders particularly we ask for fabric "cuts" to ensure you have the required lengths of unflawed fabric. 

4.4    We will send you an order confirmation after receiving your order. For print orders, we include a digital image of the designs as ordered. Please contact us if you have not received an acknowledgement within 6 working hours or if our confirmation advice is incomplete or incorrect. 

4.5    Please check our acknowledgement correctly reflects your instructions. We rely on our confirmation to produce and deliver your order so claims based on discrepancies between your order and our confirmation will not be considered. 

5.1   Payment is due before orders are entered into production. Payment may be made by bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. 

Alteration or Cancellation of Orders 
6.1   Alterations or cancellations must be advised via email. 

6.2   Alterations and cancellations will not be recognized without our emailed acceptance. Please contact us if we have not acknowledged your request within 6 working hours. 

6.3   As we print to order we cannot accept alterations or cancellations of printed fabrics or wall coverings after your order has been entered into production. 

6.4    Colour - woven fabrics can be cancelled or returned subject to a restocking fee of $25 plus 20 % of the order value and all freight charges. Fabric lengths less than ten(10) meters or yards or fabric that has been treated or modified will not be accepted for return. Fabric returned in the unsalable condition is not subject to any credit allowance. Discontinued or custom fabrics and contract orders exceeding 100 meters or yards are not returnable. 

Custom Orders 
7.1   Where customers require a custom design service, the copyright of any images or designs provided must be identified. Copyrighted designs or images will be used for guidance only unless written permission for reproduction has been obtained from the copyright holder. 

7.2   Precise colour matching to colour references supplied by customers is not always possible, and commercial tolerances should be allowed for 

8.1   Memo samples are sent by mail unless otherwise requested 

8.2   Print orders are normally despatched within two(2) weeks following confirmation of payment. Woven fabric orders are despatched the next day. 

8.3   Every effort is made to quote accurate delivery times. You will receive email advice if there are unexpected delays. 

8.4   Our fabric and wallpapers are carefully checked at several stages before being sent. Occasionally small shading, weaving or yarn irregularities can be overlooked or may have been considered as either acceptable or an inherent characteristic of the fabric or the yarn. 

8.5   Colour matching to memos/samples will be within normal commercial tolerances, however, an exact match to sample is not guaranteed. 

8.6   Delivery confirmation and courier tracking are emailed as soon as orders are despatched. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for transit or other delays outside our control. 

Export Delivery 
9.1   International sample requests are sent DHL. 

9.2    International deliveries may be subject to customs fees, import duties and taxes in the destination country.
These charges are the recipient's responsibility. 

Acceptance of Delivery 
10.1   Please ensure deliveries are inspected for transit damage. Claims for damage in transit must be supported by your conditional acceptance on the delivery docket from the courier noting the damage that has occurred. 

10.2   Where deliveries are made to third parties, it is your responsibility to check that the order is supplied to your satisfaction. If you are accepting delivery on a third party’s behalf we advise they send you a sample for verification. For print orders, we include a digital image of the designs as ordered with our emailed packing invoice. 

10.3    All claims for defects, shortages, or errors must be filed in writing within ten(10) days of delivery. Failure to do so will constitute acceptance as - is and a waiver of all defects, shortages, or errors. Grace Garrett is not liable for any defects, shortages, or errors once the fabric or wallpaper has been cut or treated by the customer. 

11.1   Our fabrics meet or exceed Australian performance standards provided they are used according to its recommended application guidelines; have been made up in accordance with standard industry practices; have been regularly maintained and professionally cleaned; have been protected from sunlight damage and not been subject to the third party after - treatment. 

11.2   Recommended applications, independent test results and care instructions are published on our website. 

11.3   It is our experience that if fabric or wallpaper has a manufacturing defect that results in a failure in its intended use, that defect becomes apparent within a short time of being in use. 

11.4   We will replace any fabric found to be faulty within three(3) years of supply as a result of a manufacturing defect and which has been used in accordance with our use ratings and care instructions. Claims must be made via the original purchaser. 

11.5   We do not accept liability for consequential loss or costs arising from fabric failure including additional labour and manufacturing costs, delivery charges or other loss of profit. 

11.6   If you wish to make a claim please contact us at
To verify the claim we may need two 25 cm x 40 cm sized samples clearly showing the claimed failure. 

11.7   We independently test all fabric failures as part of our ongoing quality assurance program and for this reason claims may not be finalised until the fabric has been tested. 

Commercial Tolerances 
12.1   In fabrics with a horizontal pattern allow a tolerance of up to 2 cm for bowing and skewing. Please consult your workroom if you intend using a horizontally striped design for roman blinds, as some designs may not be useable within these tolerances. 

12.2   It is quite normal for printed fabrics to appear slightly“ off square” with respect to the grain of the fabric. This is due to finishing processes, and provided lengths are cut to the pattern rather than to the weft, made - up drapes will hang satisfactorily. 

12.3   Depending on fibre content, there may be some movement in drapery length due to changes in temperature and the absorption and release of moisture in the fabric. The expected residual shrinkage is listed in our specification sheets. We recommend being generous with seams and hems. 

12.4   Fabric widths and repeats are quoted as approximate and adequate allowance should be made for small variations when placing orders. We do not accept responsibility for additional meterage needed due to variations in repeat and width within normal commercial tolerance. 

If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Grace Garrett’s relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. 

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