Each Collection can be custom coloured and is available on a variety of base cloths and wallpapers / Wall Coverings to suit commercial & residential projects. This includes and is not limited to ready-made cushions, rugs and accessories.

new collection - coastal indulgence

A collection exploring the coast and its colours.Biomorphic forms & patterns, that are a symbolic reference to contoured, patterned, textured forms that we see in our coastal environment and sealife.

Driftwood, sand dunes, gulls, coral, waves. Biomorphic forms & patterns have been proven to reduce stress due to induced shift in focus, and enhanced concentration.

We have a visual preference for organic forms but the science behind why this is the case is not yet formulated. While our brain knows that we are looking at patterns which are are not living things, we may describe them as symbolic representations of lifeThe overall intent was to create a collection that is interesting and comfortable,  captivating and thoughtful.

- bring a little piece of the ocean into your next project -
evoking a calm, modern and bold interpretation of a coastal style.


This collection has been inspired by the wonderful global and eclectic mix of pattern colour and design referencing many cultures. These are trends we are now seeing  - 

not just in fashion but interior decoration as well.


A bohemian trend that has swept us up in a variety of forms - ever-present, embracing old artisan techniques in rug weaving, vintage ceramics. Inspiration has been drawn from this,
to create the Blurred Lines Collection.


Interpreting traditional patterns updated in a dramatic and 
modern way, abundant with texture in a trend that blurs the lines between local and global.


The look is raw, stripped back, yet retains inviting warmth by 
combining textures of both fabrics and design, and has an 
element of sophistication - especially when you have the ability to adjust the colour palette or scale of the design to suit your current projects.


 Inspired by the Mediterranean culture and landscape.

Whitewashed stucco buildings, intricate Moroccan tiles, the blue of Santorini.
Picturesque white sandy beaches and teal waters of the Turkish coast.

urban aztec

Inspired by the Aztec culture and the people that made up the greater empire. Designs and textures encapsulate the Aztec homes, symbolism,architecture and stone carvings.

afrique tribal

Inspired by African markings, and the native fauna and flora unique to the African landscape.


deco glamour

Deco Glamour explores Art Deco's classical motifs and geometric stylisations

in a modern, contemporary collection. Any of these designs will add a touch of "Deco Glamour" and sophistication to any decorating project or commercial space.


Whilst living in Singapore Grace travelled extensively throughout Asia that inspired the Beauty of Asia Collection. From the the mangroves on the islands of Indonesia, to the striking colours of spices and produce seen at the street markets, to the simplicity and beauty of a grain of rice. The design, culture and beautiful places in Asia led Grace on a design fusion journey where east meets west with simple yet striking results.

a sunburnt country

Inspired by some of Australia's iconic landmarks.

Drawing upon Australian indigenous tribal markings, as well as desert landscapes, the shores of the Great Barrier Reef and native fauna and flora.

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