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Design Collections

For the Contract +Interior Design Market  

- Custom Printed On Demand -

Discover the benefit of personalised design with our custom prints, cushions, lampshades, and upholstery services, crafted with you to perfectly suit your design vision.


Enhance any space with our expert colour consulting and branding services.

Catch of The Day

Catch Of The Day explores a coastal theme in a modern sophisticated way, with designs evoking moments from when my parents relocated to Newcastle on the east coast of NSW. The movement of sailboats, the sound of waves hitting the breakwater and the shapes found in fishnets are all elements that have been "caught" and interpreted into the collection.

Coastal Indulgence

The Coastal Indulgence collection captures the essence of seaside serenity with designs inspired by driftwood, coral, crashing ocean waves, and fishnets. Dive into this collection to bring the tranquility and beauty of the coast into your space.

Modern Mediterranean

Inspired by Mediterranean culture and landscape, Grace Garrett’s Modern Mediterranean collection captures the allure of whitewashed stucco buildings, intricate Moroccan tiles, picturesque white sandy beaches, teal waters of the Turkish coast and the blue of Santorini. Be transported to the magic of Mediterranean culture and design.

Afrique Tribal

Inspired by African markings, and the native fauna and flora unique to the African landscape, the Afrique collection showcases unique tribal-inspired designs with a modern twist. With a diverse colour palette, the Afrique collection is both traditional and contemporary with warm oranges and cool monochromatic accents.

Urban Aztec

Inspired by the Aztec culture and the people that made up the greater empire. Designs and textures encapsulate

the Aztec homes, symbolism, architecture and stone carvings.

Sunburnt Country

Inspired by Australia’s iconic landmarks, the Sunburnt Country collection pays homage to the stunning Australian landscape. Featuring designs that draw upon indigenous tribal markings, desert vistas, the vibrant shores of the Great Barrier Reef, and native flora and fauna, this collection celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Australian land.

Deco Glamour

The Deco Glamour Collection features prints inspired by stylized deco motifs, geometric architecture, and the vibrant vibes of Miami palms and flamingos. It's a chic blend of vintage elegance and tropical flair.

Blurred Lines

Inspired by an eclectic mix of pattern, colour and design referencing many cultures, the Blurred Lines collection interprets traditional artisan patterns in a dramatic and modern way. The look is raw, stripped back, yet retains an inviting bohemian warmth, an element of sophistication and blurs the lines between local and global.

Beauty of Asia

Inspired by the vibrant mangroves of Indonesian islands, the mesmerizing colors of street market spices, and the simple beauty of a grain of rice, Grace Garrett's designs blend the essence of Asian culture with stunning locales. This fusion of east and west results in simple yet striking creations.

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